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Hi Laura,

Oxy-Pulmon ďI just recently started running my horse on OxyPulmon and I can see a big difference in the way he performs. He fires harder and recovers quicker than he used to. Itís by far my favorite oxygen product to use! I also use the Triple Threat and have really liked its benefits as well! Thanks Oxy-Gen!Ē  

Kenzie Rae McNeil
2018 CNFR Champion

#oxygen #oxyhorse #pulmon #oxypulmon #ventipulmin #respiratoryhealth

Dear Oxy-Horse,


E-ChargeďWell after our clinical trials comparing your Electrolytes to other Store bought ones we currently use We have come to the Conclusion that our Group of horses Prefer your product over the others. We have been using Electrolytes for over 10 years so I am very curious to always try new options. They also seem to Eat faster and noticed They go to drink water when finished Eating.  The horses Stalled overnight Had a definite increase in water Intake compared to Before.  All horses In the program ate Your product without Any hesitation. So The end result is I Will definitely need to buy more.Ē  

Tours on Horseback
Fort Pierce, FL

#oxygen #oxyhorse #echarge #electrolyte #aminoacid

Dear Oxy-Horse,


SWEAT MORE ďThis stuff is legit!! I have a horse that wants to quit sweating every summer.. Iíve tried One AC, the Platinum product, and beer and all the tricks out there and they help but he still always seems like heís not sweating enough and doesnít perform. 
I started Oxy-genís Sweat More at the beginning of this month when I started noticing him having trouble & this is no joke, in one week it was a complete turn around. And has stayed sweating ever since!!  I am so happy!Ē  

Kylan Shaw

#oxygen #oxyhorse #sweatmore #anhidrosis #nonsweater #thyroid #thermoregulation #hypothermia

Dear Oxy-Horse,


Mag Fat BOSS ďI had this horse in my barn that belongs to a friend of mine. He told me he couldnít get him to eat or put any weight on and asked for help. I took him in to my barn to see what I could do. After feeding oxyaide for only 7 days he finally would eat his hay and mag fat. After just 30 days on mag fat his ribs stopped showing and his coat got much shiner and slicker. Iím very impressed with this oxygen supplement as this horse loves eating it and he has done a total transformation in just 30 days. I started noticing improvement in just 3 weeks. I now feed mag fat to all my horses who need that extra kick of fat on them.Ē  

Natalie Deking

#oxygen #oxyhorse #magfatboss #oxyaide #weightgain #buildmuscle

Hi Laura!

Performance Mare Product "Just wanted to let you know my mare won third at the rodeo!! And we beat our fastest time in that arena! The PMP supplement is awesome!! She's been laid up since March and the PMP gave her that extra boost and confidence!! Very very happy with your product!!! :) will definitely be ordering more Oxy-Gen products!"

Thank you again,
Dana Erickson


My mare is 7 years old, limited hauling this year and a consistent 2D horse.

I put my mare on Oxy Gen's Bleeder Stop and 2X back in early May after she had bled for the second time as a last resort. Come to find out she also had a respiratory infection which had given her a bad cough. I had been told by a vet that her career was over unless I wanted to do Lasix but I wanted to avoid that at all cost. I was so devastated. I gave her time off and brought her back slowly. Late June I decided to run her for the first time since her bleed at a small local rodeo and no bleeding or coughing!!!! I was so happy but she didn't run as hard as usual, but I was so nervous. I knew the next day was supposed to be really humid and hot so I took her to a local jackpot and figured with the humidity she would bleed and this would be a good test but no bleeding or coughing and not winded even though we were both dripping, she was only a second off the new arena record ran that day. Since then we have made more runs and each run she is getting better even running in the bottom of the 1D in our hot and humid weather! She also walks in the arena like a dream now. Thank you Oxy-Gen for giving me my horse back!


We have had our gelding on the Oxy 2X Pro B with Bleeder Stop.  He had been on it since Feb some time.  We ran him 2 weeks ago and he won the jackpot and last weekend placed 7th in the 1D at our NBHA district race.  He has come back so well and with so much more stamina! We are so pleased with the products!



Oxy-Gen and Oxy-Horse are proud sponsors of the Spring Platinum Productions Barrel Race. Day run winners in the Youth and Open  divisions received a 1 month supply of either the new Show Sheen product or the Gut Integrity. Winners in the Finals round received a 3 month supply of Oxy-Max. Congratulations to everyone!

Ashley Rice Odessa Texas 6th placeAfter years of struggling with pre-race anxiety on my mare, Red Dancing Duck (Suzie), I have finally found a product that works on my horse! OxyZen is the first product I have used and loved from the Equine 7 Line!  I've used other remedies that work, but I love that when I am using OxyZen I can expect the same great results without compromising my horse! OxyZen allows my mare to relax, focus, and perform better than she ever has, not to mention she recovers twice as fast! I'm always thrilled to see her go straight to the water bucket after each run!

Thank you Oxygen!
Ashley Rice Stephenville, TX

Ava and Bud 20yr old paint horse running poles


Hi Laura -- Could I re-order these two items with all the same information? Oxy 2X and Bleeder Stop!

Our bleeder has stopped bleeding and the pep is back in his step! Last weekend, he made the best barrel run he's ever done! This is a bazillion times better than the Lasix, which made him lethargic and miserable. Not to mention Bud is 20 years old and blind in one eye! Please feel free to use us as a testimonial. We would love for other horses to benefit from this bleeder supplement.

Cindy Antolik
Georgetown, TX 

Hi Laura,

The Oxy Fluidity and the Take No Prisoners supplements are far exceeding our expectations. Although, Benjie cannot maintain the left canter yet, in time he will. The difference in his movement is extraordinary; he no longer has the jack hammer canter. The difference in their feet is just as amazing. We have a collection of TB's that have benefited greatly from the Take No Prisoners. Thank you!!! I have placed another order of the TNP, and then when that is done will try the Xtreme.

Thanks again for a great product!!!

Nancy Malec
Owego, NY January 

Good morning Laura,

Thank you for getting back to me so promptly. I have attached a couple of pics from the 2010 Circuit Finals. Horse is Flitin Zee Distance. He loves his OxyMax and when I did the old test of taking him off of it for a few months he really went south fast, put him back on it and he is running hard and staying really focused - lost a lot of that anxiety which I think was gut issues. We are looking forward to a great 2013 rodeo season. Let me know when I can get my order in because I am almost out. Thank you again. May you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year.

Best Regards,
Terry J. Tamburino and Flitin Zee Distance
Sarasota, FL

I currently use Oxygen extreme on a 22 year old pole horse that I have. Since on the supplement, my daughter has been tearing up pole bending in our Jr. High School organization. She is sitting pretty good to qualify for Jr High Finals this year. Her name is Kamron Westbrook. She is a 12 year old 6th grader at Scott Middle School, located in Louisiana. Everyone has been asking her what the change is in her horse. She proudly states, "its the Oxygen, you need to try it".

Kristi Johnson

Hello Laura,

My name is Angela, I have been a long time Oxy-Gen supporter. I use a bunch of your products on my Reining horses and My barrel horses. We swear by it here at Great River Ranch. I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a amazing product. It helps so very much, we see a tremendous difference in our top performance horses, and we owe a lot of that to your product. Like every good trainer and competitor knows, It takes a great horse to win, but without that extra edge and health factor you will never be performing at your best. It really matters! Saying that I was wondering if you would be able to send me a few patches to put on our team rodeo and NRHA Shirts. I would really appreciate it. I try to advertise for the brands we trust and count on.

Best Regards,
Angela Manfrate


Thanks Laura,

We are believers! Bullet has done amazing on the Oxy Silver - he is 23 year old and he is consistently running low 21s on the poles since we started using the product. The true testament was when I asked my husband should we test it one more time and run him without the Silver and he said, "I'm a believer - get some more!" He's tough so that's a real deal when he believes in something.

I appreciate all of your support while we have found the perfect combination for Bullet and Lauren.

Happy Halloween and take care,
Patti Craig
Rougon, LA

Hayley and Handy ManHi Laura,

This is our 4th Run together after my twins! Feels great to be back in the saddle.  My Oxy Horse, HandyMan, is getting Better! We love the products Fluidity and Take NO Prisoners. Thanks for helping us find the right combination. Talk to you soon.

Hayley Gordon and Handy Andy Dale
Nixon, TX 

John Michael ElliottHi Laura,

We began giving our horse, Trixie, Oxy-Max daily and Oxy-Boost paste at rodeos and noticed a marked increase in her performance in speed events. Her latest accomplishment was helping my son, John Michael,  win the year-end, YRA Sub Junior Boys' All-Around Champion saddle. We believe the Oxy-Gen products help her perform her best. We are sure to re-order before we run out, because we want continued success. Thanks for helping us be able to compete at the top of state-wide competition.

The Elliotts
Alvin, TX

Hi Laura,

I am down to 1 dose of JailBreak and need this order by Thursday! We have a three day event this weekend and I donít want to be without it. I love this product and am planning on sharing it with a friend. Thanks so much for your wonderful products and service.

Penney Minor Dyer
Hyannis, NE

"Elvis wasn't drinking. We gave him Oxy-Boost Plus and then again 2 hours before our run like you suggested. He ran 14.7 in the first go and 14.6 in the second go. We made it back to the short go. He is drinking and doing great. At this moment we're winning 2D and hope it holds. Thanks for the help."

Wayne McGroom
Millington, TN

" JailBreak is awesome. I've used Ulcer Guard and Ulcer Stop - but JailBreak seems to give him a little more fire, better runs and keeps him feeling great!"

Dana Branch
Meridian Oklahoma

Hi Laura,

Well, I have to say that I am a BELIEVER! In fact- I have placed several reorders because all my girl friends have started using your products and are buying my supply from me! I love it! I have been spreading the word about your products here in Utah and I hope it brings more business your way! I know that you have visited with several of the friends on the phone and that they have placed orders!
I just want to say "Thank You" for not only your AMAZING products, but for your integrity.

Thanks and I will keep in touch~

Kind regards,
Kelly Taylor

"I had a  friend turn me on to the product JailBreak GI and was amazed that my horse ran so much better and he didn't breath so hard after the run. Now my horse had just came back from  a lay up so he wasn't in shape all the way to my preference but ran so good. He has bled twice in the past but never did he bleed after I tried my friends JailBreak GI. I told myself we need this product at every race!!"

Callie Frazier

After having her mare on Performance Mare Product, this is what our long time Oxy-Gen customer Christy Fullen had to say;

"She is doing awesome! I can't believe how good she is being to ride. She WALKS, she is NOT GRUMPY, and she is VERY HAPPY."

Christy Honsberger


"Being on the road a lot can really tire your horse. I feel like Jailbreak GI is that perfect little boost my horses need."

Thanks a lot,
Christy Honsberger
and     "Seven"


OK Laura,

"Here is another update from our Sunday rodeo. After giving JailBreak GI, our horse is working much better. Absolutely no gate issues with my older daughter and my younger daughter didn't ride him this weekend. Sunday's first barrel was almost to what he was doing a year ago. He is starting to stretch out again when he is running. Now all he wants to do is eat. He ate his grain without a problem as before at rodeos he wouldn't. The only think he won't do is drink. Like I told you before, he would lose some weight over the weekend and this weekend (yes we got to come home every night) he looked full and HAPPY. He is also looking like he LIKES to run barrels again.  Thanks so much for your time and all you have done so far. I really appreciate it. Talk to you soon."

 Roy Ann

Hi Laura,

My name is Kayce McCutcheon and I just wanted to give you another "success story" for these amazing products! My horse Allie is 10 years old and absolutely bred to death. She has Dashing Cleat and Sandale Star, along with a dam that was a multiple time Canadian Champion. Allie had all the talent in the world, but when it came down to the run, she wouldn't go in the gate and would quit me on the way home.

 Since her health and happiness was my main goal, I decided to sideline her for the spring and see if I could figure out what was going on! After reading everything and talking to (possibly annoying) everyone I could, I found our she had some serious ulcer issues. She had them in both the hind and front gut and the poor girl was trying to do her best regardless of the pain!

Looking for answers......I stumbled across Jailbreak GI and Elite Recovery Paste. And it has CHANGED our lives. Allie looks amazing. She no longer struggles with pain from her ulcers. Instead she can walk flat footed in that arena, focus, and walk out. We are having the best summer that I have ever had and expect it to continue. To date, she has won the Hawley Pro Rodeo, finished 3rd in the Russel MRA, 4th in the Granite Falls Pro Rodeo, and split 10th in Ponca Pro Rodeo. I have filled my WPRA permit in 2 rodeos and am going to try to go for Rookie of the Year in 2013.

Thank you for giving me such a happy, healthy horse......her continued health is the ONLY thing that matters to me. I am so thankful for your product giving me my horse back!!

Thank you so much!
Kayce McCutcheon and "Allie"

Hi Laura,

I'm seeing results with OxyMax... Awesome...he feels, acts, eats better...has a bit more MoJo going on, LOL...As you know I'm still on JailBreak, still a little sticky issue at the gate but much better than when I first started. I can at least go to a race without help. Very happy and lookin' forward to more improvement.

Cindy Mainus

Hey Laura,
How have you been, hope well. I need some more Oxy-Max. The vet has been checking my horse every 6 months and still has a clean bill of health (no more ulcer) and told me to keep doing what I've been doing.  Are you going to Hattiesburg Mayfest in a couple of weeks? If not I'll need to get it shipped to me. Just let me know I still have have about 2 weeks left. Have a Happy Mothers Day.

By the way thanks for sending my Oxy-Max with Amanda, both my horses did well at Hattiesburg, - ran in 2D and got some checks. Monday, "Muggs" (Oxy Horse) ran awesome still waiting for them to post results lol.
Tara Roussel

 I am so surprised and happy that the oral Fluidity product works so well for ďJimmyĒ.  Iíve actually been able to ride him, leg him up and compete in a couple of local shows. Jimmy is now 17 years old, was rated in the top 50 Barrel Horses in the World, and hasnít been able to be ridden for 5 years! The last time he was able to compete was in 2006 when he won the NBHA Florida District 3 Open 1D.
     The wear and tear of earning over $120,000 during his career caused him to come up lame and sore. I spent several years trying to find a way to help him out. I didnít want to give him pain medication and all kinds of injections just to run him. I figured heíd already paid his dues and didnít owe me a thing. So I turned him out and let him be a horse. Now Iíve found something that actually works and is good for him.  I am so happy to be able to ride him again.
Thanks so much for everything,
Ally Hayes and Jimís Imp         
Murray, KY

Hello Ms. Laura,
I am finally going to get this to you. Just wanted to let you know how well Sham is running since starting Oxy-max and Jail Break Paste. Of course you know the trouble that I was having at our NBHA state show in Deridder. Sham was difficult to get in on and then when in the pen his performance was less than stellar. When I met you and explained the situation you took the time to explain the products and that this might help to calm some of his nerves. To give a little background Sham fractured his stifle in 2009 at the NBHA state show. He lost all muscle tone from his left hip down. Things looked pretty bleak but with the best vet care (Dr. Rob Thoni in Kilgore, Tx) and a year of hand walking this big guy was able to come back and perform, but he was difficult at home and at the pen. By the time the state show had come around in 2011 I was ready to retire him. I think that you were spot on when you said that he probably had ulcers. With everything that he had been through plus the fact that he is a cribber it was definitely a good chance that he did, but since being on Oxy-Max and Jail Break Paste Sham has been smoking hot. His muscle tone is excellent and if there were ulcers they don't seem to be bothering him now. He has placed at might near every run that we have been to, but the runs that I am most proud of were the saddle series and Minden with 230 riders with Kalee and Sham placed third in the 1-D and at the Run For the Diamonds on Labor Day they were fifteenth quickest out of 471 horses. Wow! This stuff is awesome!
Thank you for everything,
Dave, Amy, and Kalee Boswell

I cut it tooooo short!!!! I am out of OxyMax. LOL...And my little sorrel with the DDFT tear has been cleared. Our first run back in like 10 months 17.1 won and I was 17.8. Won 2d money. Woohoo Oxy-Boost worked!

Ruby Lingo -

betsi and ruby after oxy-maxI started her on a double dose of Oxy-Max  for a week then the regular dose. And in 10 days this was the mare that I had in 05.  She got that spark back in her eye, and she started to look like a million bucks. She has NEVER looked this good coming out of winter. I canít begin to tell you how happy I am about what Oxy-Gen has done for her again.  Iím so stoked about the rodeo season this year, I canít hardly wait !! Thank you Oxy-Gen for giving me my horse back.

Betsy Hastie and RH Goin Fore Parr ďRubyĒ

After a Martha Wright Clinic, Jill Johnson writes....

"Also meant to tell you that I ordered the OxyMax and started my mare on it a week ago. I can't believe the difference in her. She is loping around the field and isn't nearly as cinchy as she was and I was giving her the Ulcer Guard. I swear she is getting heftier already and she was a pretty beefy mare to start with lol. I think I love this stuff."

Hi Laura,
I just wanted to give you an update on my buckskin RJ. I've been following your instructions with the Bleeder Stop and Immunize. He was already on Oxy-Gen pellets daily. I ran him Saturday for the first time since MidSouth Nationals. I decided not to give Lasix, I gave him the Oxy Boost before we ran.
He ran great. After, I put his hay on the ground and watched him eat for well over an hour. I feel confident that he did not bleed. I'm going to keep a close eye on him and probably have him scoped again after a run to make sure.
You saw how good he looked at MidSouth. I didn't think he could look any better, but he does.
Thanks so much for your help.

Jennifer Keslinger

"I am out!...please send another bag of the Oxy Calm... Love this Product, helps with the springtime spooks and stress."

Linda Babb-Deer Park, WA

"Weíve been Oxygen users for years!  Hotrod revs up his engine with Oxy-Boost Plus!  Whether heís winning the open 1D or running with our 8 year old daughter, Cashen, Oxy-Boost Plus gives him the acceleration he needs to win.  Itís easy to use, cost effective and successful.  Along with Oxy-Boost Plus at the races, we feed Oxygen Xtreme on a daily basis to keep Hotrod in peak performance shape and improve joint health."

Amy Turner

Hi Laura , first I have to thank you for taking the time to actually visit with me over the phone, most people are more interested in making a sale instead of taking the effort to help both horse and customer! It's refreshing to know that there are people who actually want to help! I look forward to using these products!

God Bless
Sally Schmidt Carrizo Springs, TX

"Hey Laura,
     I have been taking that "people formula" I don't know what's in it... but usually when I ride my back kills me the next day... it doesn't hurt!!! I blame my back problems on having 2 children and the epidurals.. but I tell you, taking this when I loped my horse, I didnít feel the tugging and soreness that I do, and that is usually an immediate hurt. Kerry has been taking it also his elbows doesnít hurt like they used to... I would like to order another bottle of that.  The formula the horses are on.. I don't really know yet, because its only been 2 weeks, but Alex's aged roping horse is feeling VERY good!!!"
Myra, Kerry and Alex Nobles, Bogalusa LA

"I am very happy with the results of the Oxy Aide D for the hind gut followed it up by using Oxy Max as a maintenance. He looks the best that I have ever seen him look. I see no signs of the Ulcers returning. He is the best he has been."
Brett Borkowski, Wessington Springs SD 
Cowboy Mounted Shooter

"Hi Laura,
      I just wanted to let you know how the JailBreak worked this weekend. The first run, I gave the 20cc and he did better, but still pretty nervous warming up. The second day I gave him 40cc and there was a big change. He was easier to warm up and he ran harder (got me in the short go for the 2D). On Sunday, I gave him 40 cc an hour and half before our run. He warmed up calmer and was really ready to run. The announcer called my name and they opened the gate.---only thing was there were 2 barrel setters still setting up barrels. YIKES I couldn't stop him as by then we were already running hard thru the alley.  I did get him to slow down some and they said I would get a reride at the end which was in 30 runs. I thought great ,my horse will be tired and it was really hot and humid and he was sweating a lot. Well, I kept walking him, gave him a little water and found a place with a little breeze to wait my turn again. When it was our turn, he came running in really hard and focused. He made his best run and we got a check in the 1D!!!  I was so happy with him. Sorry, this is so long, but just wanted you to know, how much the JailBreak paste worked and I think I really put it to the test.
Thanks so much,"

Billie Simon, Newton Kansas

Good Morning Laura,
     I have noticed a 100% difference in my horse since starting on Oxy-Max daily and JailBreak GI prior to a competitive run. He went from being a complete dink to winning 3rd at a local rodeo Saturday night! Doesn't sound like much, but it was a major accomplishment for us. I was seriously considering selling this horse because we just weren't getting along anymore. Turns out he was just trying to tell me something.
Thank you for your time,

Jen Archbold

"I am extremely excited about the results I have experienced with Oxy-Gen products. Rare Fred gets out of the trailer feeling good and when he is finished with a run, he's not blowing or exhausted even in the heat. My colts are feeling great and look great, too. Oxy-Gen products work."

Mary Burger
2006 WPRA World Champion
 and 8 time AQHA World Champion

mary burger and rare fred


"I've been feeding the Xtreme Gi Care for over 3 years and I'm hooked! It's the cheapest investment you can make for your horse health and performance. It addresses the respiratory system, joints, and prevents ulcers all in a 6 ounce scoop.

Typical benefits I've seen include improved topline and muscling, a shortened recovery time between hard runs and schooling and they are staying sound."

Robert Chown
19 time World Champion Reining and Working Cow Champion

robert chown working cow horse champion extreme gi care testimonial

"First, I just want to make it absolutely clear that I am not sponsored by this company and what I am going to say is out of gratitude for making a product that really works!  My Calyx horse was a bundle of nerves at races and started refusing to go thru the gate. My sister actually would have to get behind him with a jockey whip to get him in the arena. That's how bad he had gotten. Then he just couldn't focus during a run and it seemed that he was hurting. Not lame, but I knew he had to have ulcers and competing just made things worse. I started him on an expensive veterinary ulcer treatment.  Then I saw an ad about JailBreak from Oxygen. I started giving him JailBreak on competition day and from the very first time I used it, there was an improvement.


 This last weekend, he ended up 10th in the 1-D out of 190 horses.  He no longer refuses to go in the arena and he is working the pattern rather than trying to get away from it. He used to be a 4-D horse because of his nerves and now he is running with the best.  If it wasn't for JailBreak, this horse would have been a trail horse by now.  Thank you so much!"

Kiki Yaron and Oh Corolla

Pacifica, California

kiki yaron pacifica california jailbreak paste testimonial

"We purchased John in 2008.  At the time of purchase, we were fully aware that John was a bleeder.  We had him scoped and learned that he was a grade 1 bleeder (lowest form of bleeder).  John was currently on 4 ccís of Lasix at the time we brought him home to Wyoming.

We talked many times about the Bleeder Stop and how it could work for John.  We started him out on it and completed one full bottle of it when he had surgery in January of 2009.  Once he was cleared for barrel racing again, we started a second bottle of Bleeder Stop and started reducing the Lasix we were giving him.   As of June 14th, 2009 (which was his last run to date) there has been NO Lasix given and there has been NO bleeding.

I also want to let you know that John also gets the Oxy~Boost (Electrolyte paste) one hour prior to each run.  We give it faithfully and I buy 20 tubes at a time.  We donít leave home without it.  Bleeders loose a lot of nutrients from their body when they bleed, so we started using the paste to help replenish what he was losing.  Now that heís not bleeding, it is still such an important part of our regime that he still gets it, before every race.  A hydrated horse is a running horse, and John has no problems clocking!

Good luck to all, and in my opinion, an Oxy horse is a healthier horse."

Kayla Thompson
Cheyenne, WY

kayla thompson cheyenne wyoming bleeder stop and oxygen 2x testimonial

"I just wanted to drop you a quick thank you and share with you our great news! I have an 11 year old gelding that has taken me to the Mountain States Circuit Finals and has done pretty well in his barrel racing career. Until a year ago when he got bit on the nose by a rattle snake.
For a year my prized rodeo horse and best friend sat in a pasture with very little hope of ever returning to barrels, let alone a pro rodeo horse again. His condition was poor and he had bled out of his nose a few times when he had exerted himself.  I still had big plans and big dreams for Scottie and began doing a little research.

Sharon had found me in the chat room on Barrelhorseworld.com trying to get some suggestions on supplements from other members. She suggested that I try the OXY-GEN2x and the bleed stop. Two months later WOW! What an amazing transformation! Scottie was back to his very naughty self and with my fingers crossed I entered our first circuit rodeo..... We place 6th and 2 10ths behind the first place time! So on the road we went and have ended up third in the Mountain States Circuit and he has stayed in perfect condition and has NEVER bled once!
Scottie is a true testimony to your great product!
A heartfelt thank you!

Christy Loflin
and Scottie

christy loflin and scottie oxygen 2x and bleeder stop testimonial

"My horse has been on "Take No Prisoners" since March of 2007.  While I was at work he got his head hung in a panel and the rung punctured his throat. He lost a lot of blood, had unbelievable swelling and was unable to eat or drink (it all came out his nose) so he was on IV's for a few days. 

This happened on July 25, we really didn't think we would have him back to run the rest of the year but on August 25 he was given the ok to go back to competition.  He has been on "Take No Prisoners" the entire time and I think that the supplement helped his recovery.

Thanks for the wonderful product, I am a true believer."

Carrie Palmer
Vidor, Texas

carrie palmer vidor texas take no prisoners testimonial

"I just wanted to let everyone know what a great product oxygen is.  I've been using the GI Care on my horses for a year or so and had been using the jailbreak on an extremely gate sour mare.. It's helped her a lot and her times are so much better now that sheís not getting washed out before the runs.

I switched my other 2 over to the Take No Prisoners and they are running awesome as well. 1 Horse is finished and heís running 1 and 2 D times and my baby is running bottom of the 2D to top of the 3D and Iím soÖ excited!!

Thank you soÖ much for the help with my horses. I will continue to use these products because THEY WORK!!"

April Kimbrel

april kimbral take no prisoners testimonial

"I talked to you Feb. 29, 2008 at the WBR in Conroe, TX.  I told you the problems I had been having with my gelding 'Elmo'.  He had previously had a lung infection that I had treated aggressively with 30 days of antibiotics.  I was looking for something to help him and his problems with dust and pollen etc.  In this area it seems as if one or the other is always around.  I started him on the products that you recommended that day.  I ran him two days later and didn't really see any results.  I figured it would take longer than 2 days for the products to get in his system and start working so I wasn't really concerned.  Yesterday was the first run I made on him since Conroe and it has been two weeks since I started the Oxygen products.  Elmo won the jackpot.  This is the first time he has won first in the 1D!  He is a big horse with a long stride and he hasn't ever looked like he is running. 

linda lansford dayton texas respirator problem testimonial

I have placed in the 1D before but never have been the fastest time of the day.  Elmo ran a 15.848 and second place was a 16.1.  My friends told me he was really running and I know he was because I almost fell off at the 3rd barrel.  LOL  So I will be calling you and have you place me on the automatic reorder because I feel like it must be helping him and I don't want him to run without it.

Thanks so much for your help." 

Linda Lansford and El Nino Memory aka 'Elmo'
Dayton, TX

"My daughter is Bayleigh Powers and her horse is "Junior" Gay Caliche Dell, 
2006 & 2007 NBHA Youth World Finalist. 
We first met you at your booth in Jackson, MS for the 2007 NBHA Youth World Championships and we talked a long time about my daughter's horse Junior.  Junior was diagnosed with COPD two and a half years ago.  The first year we treated him with oral and injectible steroids and Ventipulmin.  Both of which have terrible side effects that scared me to death.  So I spent months looking into other alternatives.  After consulting with my vet we decided that until I found the "magic solution" we needed to try using the Aero-Mask and an inhaled steroid during his bad season (which in Houston is 8 months out of the year) and a nebulizer machine with Albuterol for pre-run treatments.  We spent lots of money buying the inhalers, the mask and the albuterol solution and did see some improvement without as many side effects. But I still wanted to find a non-medicinal alternative and began asking around about Oxy-Gen, and then "BOOM" there you were in Jackson.  So after talking a long time with you, I was convinced- I needed to give Oxy-Gen a chance.  Well, I'm glad we did... in just two months of using Oxy-Gen X-treme and Oxy-Boost we weaned Junior off his steroid inhaler completely, and we only use the nebulizer when it's hot or humid and he is going to be working above a lope.  He even stopped having what we refer to as "attacks" within a couple of weeks.  He has also sped up from the 4D to the 2D, IN THE HEAT (he normally only speeds up during the coldest winter months).  Numerous people have told us that they can tell he's running full out the entire pattern instead of shutting down coming out of the second or third.  He's able to finish an ENTIRE pattern without loosing his air.  He's less stressed after he runs, and appears happier overall.  He's only 8 and acted like he was 15, but now he's feeling GREAT and walks with a pep in his step and the youthful flair we thought he had lost.  Junior means the world to us and we're so glad we have found a product that keeps him feeling great and performing at his best.  We're very pleased with the Oxy-Gen products and plan to keep him on it forever.  We have even put our other performance horses on it for good measure. "
Thanks so much

Diana Powers

diana powers respiratory problems testimonial

"I wanted to thank you for telling me about the Oxy-Gen products. After purchasing the product from you in Glenrose, I started feeding Oxy-Gen to my two horses, Dream On Boys AKA "Cheyenne" and Colonel Jesse Jet AKA "Chex" that were entered in the Senior Barrels at the APHA World Show July 1, 2003. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to condition them like I normally would have, and was only able to ride Cheyenne once in the three weeks prior to the show. I supplemented Cheyenne's regular dose of Oxy-Gen with the Equine Oxy-Boost paste to help keep her electrolytes up about a week prior to competition, and Chex about 2 days out. I was finally able to ride them the night before the competition and they felt great!  I noticed they didn't lather in the Fort Worth heat like I expected since they weren't in top condition, Chex wasn't even out of breath in practice.  They both ran great in competition the next day and their recovery was remarkable! Cheyenne became the APHA World Champion in Senior Barrels & Chex finished ninth!

I am convinced that the Oxy-Gen & Equine Oxy-Boost paste gave me that extra edge to win, especially on horses that weren't in top condition.  I will never compete with out it again! Thanks Oxy-Gen for helping Cheyenne win a World Championship title!"

Lisa Tobola
APHA Senior Barrels World Champion

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for introducing me to Oxy-Gen. I am amazed at the results that is has made in my horse.

My horse, Doc Peponitas Bar, AKA "Chester", is a 7 year old AQHA gelding. He is a barrel horse and for the past year has been very hot when it comes to doing anything with the barrels. He was so hyper in the alleyway that he would take off before I was ready and blow by the first barrel. Workouts at home were no better, I spent the majority of the time fighting to keep him at a controlled pace and had to stay in his mouth all the time. I had almost given up when I saw an ad for Oxy-Gen.

Oxy-Gen has completely changed my horse. I put my horse on the Oxy-Gen Oats and purchased several tubes of the Oxy-Boost Paste that I give prior to every run, he is now a completely different horse. He now WALKS down the alleyway at runs and waits until he is asked to go. Workouts are great, he is now riding in an O-ring snaffle on a loose rein and drops his head when asked to lope. His times have improved more then a second since starting Oxy-Gen Oats and the Oxy-Boost Paste. He looks great, better then he ever has and he is feeling better to. Oxy-Gen even helped eliminate a slight cough he had from time to time when I would first began warming him up.

I am absolutely amazed at what Oxy-Gen has done for my horse and continue to be amazed everytime I run him. Oxy-Gen will be a permanent part of my feeding program as long as I own horses. When I was asked at a run recently what miracle was performed on my horse to calm him down so much and got him running faster, I replied "I started using Oxy-Gen and it continues to perform miracles on him everyday."

Shannon Peavy & "Chester", Lubbock, TX

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