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Oxy-Gen® A brand you Recognize and Trust!

The Original Oxy-Gen® formula is "the success key"
to all of our Oxy-Gen® products.

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The Original Oxy-Gen formula is a blend of natural ingredients that work together to maximize the delivery of oxygen to the cells of the body. The Results: More Muscle Mass, Better Stamina, Faster Recovery, Maximize Genetic Potential
Natural, Safe, Effective, Palatable and Made in America!

Sale Prep and

Lungs, Joints, Tendons and Ligaments

EIPH, "Bleeders" Allergy and COPD

Equine Ulcers and
Gut Health

Electrolyte and Performance Plus...Energy, Stamina,  and Recovery

Show from the Magnum Performance series from Oxy-Gen
Show - Magnum Series - Pelleted
Increase Weight gain and
Muscle Mass
Ed and Martha Wright's Oxy-Max for Ulcer Treatment
Wright's Oxy Max
Daily Pellet
Fore and Hind Ulcer, Joints and Performance
Bule Blazes Magnum Series Enhanced Muscle Strength and Stamina
Blue Blazes Magnum Series Daily Pellet Muscle Strength and Stamina
Mag Max pelleted Daily Supplement
Daily Pellet
Lung, Joint, GI and Performance
Magnum 44 Electrolyte Paste For Performance horses

Magnum 44
Pre Race Paste
JailBreak GI with Aloe Vera and
Extra Magnesium

Mega Oil endorsed by Team Mcleod
Mega Oil
High Fat Supplement
with Liquid Oxy-Gen
provides quality Omega 3 and 6

Mag Max pelleted Daily Supplement
Daily Pellet
Lung, Joint, GI and Performance

immunize naturally supplement to boost immune system
Paste or Pellet

Ed and Martha Wright's Oxy-Max for Ulcer Treatment
Wright's Oxy Max
Daily Pellet Ulcer Maintenance

jail break paste pre race supplement for horses with ulcers, soreness and respiratory issues
Jailbreak Gi
Pre Race Paste

Equine Oxy-Gen supplement for faster recovery more muscling better feed utilization
Original Equine Oxy-Gen
Daily Pellet
oxygen extreme horse supplement for joint support
Xtreme ProB
Daily Pellet
Joints and Performance
Bleeder stop supplement for horses with respiratory problems including bleeders
Bleeder Stop
Daily Powder
Equine 7 by OxyGen the Oxy Ulcer paste treats fore gut and hind gut equine ulcers
Ed and Martha Wright's Oxy-Max for Ulcer Treatment
Ulcer Treatment and Prevention Bundle
oxy boost plus equine pre race paste for better performance and faster recovery
Oxy-Boost Plus
Pre Race Paste
Pozzi's Bleed X
Pozzi's Race X
oxy sheen for a beautifil haircoat
Oxy Sheen
Daily Pellet
Take No Prisoners supplement for horses uder stress with joint injury
Daily Pellet
Joint, Inflammation, Recovery and Performance
Oxy-Gen 2X for horse with respiratory problems and/or superior muscling
Oxy - 2X ProB
Lung Support
Daily Pellet
Gut Intergrity Pellets provide digestive enzymes and "good bugs" to improve gut health and digestion
Gut Integrity, loaded with digestive enzymes

Performance Gold Rush
CircQlate Daily Pellet improves delivery of nutrients to the cells of the body
Daily Pellet improves circulation and speeds nutrients to the cells of the body
Equine 7 by OxyGen Oxy Silver Pre Performance paste
Equine 7
Oxy Silver™ natural, drug free
for aged performance horses
Horse Power Vitamin, Amino Acid and Mineral Supplement for Performance Horses
Horse Power
Lung Health and
Bleeder Support
Daily Pellet
jail break paste pre race supplement for horses with ulcers, soreness and respiratory issues
Jailbreak Gi
Pre Race Paste

Performance Gold Focus

Hoof Care
Oxy-Gen Intensive Hoof Care Daily Supplement
Intensive Hoof Care
Daily Pellet
Equine 7 Oxy Fluidity improves joint health without the need for injections
Equine 7
Oxy Fluidity™ natural, drug free treatment for joint health and repair
Equine 7 Oxy O2natural drug free replacement for Ventipulmin
Equine 7
Oxy O2™ natural, drug free replacement for bronchodialators
Equine 7 by OxyGen the Oxy Ulcer paste treats fore gut and hind gut equine ulcers
Equine 7
Oxy Ulcer™ natural, drug free treatment for Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers

Pozzi's Race X

Pozzi Relax, Performance Gold Focus and Performance Mare Product are comforting formulas to "Work" for the benefit of your horse!

Brittany Pozzi Performance Supplements  are Powered by Oxy-Gen

The BP Performance Series designed by Brittany Pozzi is built with technology from Oxy-Gen®!

Pozzi's Power - Daily Maintenance Paste for lungs joints and ulcers contains essential digestive enzymes. Loading dose 20cc for 5 days - maintenance dose 10cc' per day

30 day package provides 4 - 100cc tubes - $100 per package


90 day package provides 10 - 100cc tubes - $250 per package

Pozzi's Relax - Before Performance Paste maximizes performance, relaxes, calms and settles the stomach
for best results feed 20cc's 1 - 2 hours before performance
100cc tube  $50.00 per tube provides 5 - 20cc doses -

Performance Gold Focus

Pozzi's Relax - Daily Pellet provides a natural solution to issues impacting performance, training and temperament. For best results load dose 2 - 2oz scoops twice per day for 1 week and then reduce to 1-  2oz scoop twice per day .
available in the following sizes
60 Dose  - $79

120 Dose - $150

Performance Mare Product mood support for mares and fillies
Mood Support for Mares
Competition and Endocrine
Brittany Pozzi Bleed X daily paste strengthens the respiratory system in Horses Pozzi's Bleed X - Daily Paste 
Provides a very palatable daily supplement to combat
the symptoms of EIPH.

Feeding Instructions
20cc's for 5 days then maintenance 10cc's per day
4 100cc Tube -1 month supply - $100.00


10 100cc Tube - 3 month supply - $250.00

Pozzi's Race X - performance paste
Provides Lung support for bleeders, settles the stomach and maximizes performance.

Feed 20 cc's 2 hours before performance
4 dose - 80cc tube - $75.00

Brittany Pozzi Race X Performance paste provides lung support for bleeders
oxy gen extreme people formula for better recovery, more muscling and improved respiration
Extreme People Pills
Stamina, Joint Health and Muscle
peek performance oxygen people capsules with vitamin d
Peek People Pills

Athlete Formula fortified with
Vitamin D

The Oxy-Gen® formula made just for People!

Product Line-Up

Ed and Martha Wright's Oxy-Max for Ulcer TreatmentWright's Oxy-Max

Oxy-Max is a pelleted daily top dress supplement designed to address the complete supplemental needs of the equine athlete. Oxy Max is  designed to treat and prevent equine ulcers, both gastric ("fore gut") and duodenal ("hind gut"), and it works without expensive drugs. Conventional treatments for the hind gut require acid to develop a healing coating over the ulcer, while treatments for the fore gut work by stopping acid production. These treatments conflict with each other. Oxy-Max was developed in conjunction with Ed and Martha Wright, and their testing has shown dramatic improvements in their horses across the board. Oxy-Max starts with our Xtreme product and then we utilize a select group of vitamins, minerals, yeasts, and probiotics which act in concert to create the optimum environment for proper digestion, improving your horse's health. It also has the effect of helping your horse become more focused and easier to train. When your horse is feeling good and not hindered by digestive issues, they become more attentive, have a better attitude, and are more receptive to training and learning. The joint maintenance ingredients are ph balanced and cells are triggered to increase absorption; improving your horse's comfort and ability to perform. Oxy-Max is safe, natural and drug free. Feed at the rate of 6 oz ( one full scoop)  twice per day for 7 days. Then feed 3 oz (1/2 scoop) twice per day. Oxy-Max is available in 60 and 133 dose pails.

"Good Morning Laura,

     I have noticed a 100% difference in my horse since starting on Oxy-Max daily and JailBreak GI prior to a competitive run. He went from being a complete dink to winning 3rd at a local rodeo Saturday night! Doesn't sound like much, but it was a major accomplishment for us. I was seriously considering selling this horse because we just weren't getting along anymore. Turns out he was just trying to tell me something.
Thank you for your time"

Jen Archbold
Oxy-Max - 60 dose - 24lb pail - $165
Oxy-Max - 133 dose - 50lb pail - $299
15 day Oxy-Ulcer + 133 day Oxy-Max Bundle - $500


Studies indicate that horses in heavy training, racing and competition use their available magnesium in as little as 15 seconds.
Mag-Max starts with the  industry-leading Oxy-Gen • Oxy-Max formula to deliver the most advanced total health maintenance supplement on the market today. The makers of the original Oxy-Gen formula have focused on improving the Oxy-Max formula by increasing magnesium and added Aloe Vera gel to soothe the digestive tract for improved magnesium absorption.

Mag-Max - 60 dose - 24lb pail - $165
Mag-Max - 133 dose - 50lb pail - $299

Gut Integrity

A balanced and properly functioning digestive system is essential for your horse’s health—and even complete feeds often lack major nutritional needs. While your animal’s fermentation focused digestive system enables him to process and utilize forages, it’s essential that the microbial population of the hindgut be healthy, with appropriate numbers of helpful bacteria, protozoa and fungi. That’s where Gut Integrity™ for Livestock makes the difference. Gut Integrity™ for Livestock provides an effective blend of probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and microbials proven to assist in optimizing your animal’s digestion while also assisting in efficiently metabolizing the nutrients provided by your complete feed, forage and supplements. Feeding Instructions:  Horses 2 ounces per day for 7 days and then reduce to 1 ounce.


Yeast Culture, Brewers Dried Yeast, Brewers Dried Grains, Dried Distillers Grain with Solubles, Inulin, Wheat Germ Meal, Carob Bean Powder, Hydrolyzed Yeast,
Active Dried Yeast, Magnesium Silicate, Dried Aspergillus niger Fermentation Product, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens Fermentation Product, Aspergillus oryzae Fermentation Product, Soybean Oil, Calcium Carbonate, Dried Propionibacterium freudenreichii Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus acidophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Enterococcus Lactis Fermentation Product, Trichoderma longibrachiatum Fermentation Extract, Dried Lactobacillus casei Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus lactis Fermentation Product, Dried Pediococcus cerevisiae Fermentation Product, Dried Bacillus licheniformis Fermentation Product, Sodium Silico Aluminate.


Gut Integrity - 37 dose - 1.66 lb bag - $30
Gut Integrity - 90 dose - 5.625 lb bag - $69

 oxygen extreme horse supplement for joint supportOxy-Gen Xtreme ProB™

Our signature daily joint maintenance supplement contains 7,500mg per serving of Glucosamine HCl and Glucosamine Sulfate and 3,000mg per serving of MSM. 

The delivery system that the Oxy-Gen formula provides is what makes the Xtreme perform better than other daily joint supplements. to extend the absorption and life at the cell level.  Now available fortified with our exclusive Pro-B probiotic formula. Each 3 oz feeding contains not less than 50,000,000 lactobacillus bacteria!

60 day 11.25 lb Pail - $99
 127 day 20 lb Pail – $153
267day 50 lb Pail – $332

I purchased Oxy-Gen Xtreme in January at the BBR Finals for my 20 year old barrel horse and he improved 3-4 tenths the first week he was on it. He has moved up from being a 3D-4D horse into running in the 2D. I have tried many oral joint supplements over the years and I would never recommend them in my practice because they didn't work. I know your product works because I have seen a big difference. I will never be without Oxy-Gen Xtreme again.”

Terry Stacey, DVM, Mobile Equine Clinic, Bixby, Oklahoma



Oxy-Gen Xtreme Pro B - 60 day - $99


Oxy-Gen Xtreme Pro B - 127 day - $153


Oxy-Gen Xtreme  Pro B - 267 day - $332


Performance Mare Product Performance  
                                           Mare Product

Performance Mare Product™ is the only product designed to support both COMPETITIVE PERFORMANCE and ENDOCRINE SYSTEMS using Science, not Magic.

Soothes mare's moods and irritability. They tend to "fire" and compete better. Cycles are much less noticeable, improves form and focus, alleviates pain and discomfort and improves fractious behaviors.

Feed 2 ozs daily for up to 3 weeks and then 1 oz daily thereafter. Best when split between daily feedings.

Hi Laura!

Just wanted to let you know my mare won third at the rodeo!! And we beat our fastest time in that arena! The PMP supplement is awesome!! She's been laid up since March and the PMP gave her that extra boost and confidence!! Very very happy with your product!!! :) will definitely be ordering more Oxy-Gen products!

Thank you again,
Dana Erickson



PMP 7.5 lb bag - 60 feedings - $75
PMP 20 lb Pail - 160 feedings - $150

Oxy-Gen 2X for horse with respiratory problems  Oxy-Gen 2X ProB™

Formulated for situations where a quicker response is needed in a short period of time. Delivering two times the amount of the original Oxy-Gen Formula per serving. This product targets horses with respiratory ailments, severe allergies, COPD, Heaves, and EIPH (bleeders).  It will speed up the cell division in the lungs which will make the lung walls stronger and more elastic. Also speeds delivery of available oxygen to the cells of the body. Very effective at building superior muscling and stamina.  Oxy-Gen 2X is now fortified with our exclusive Pro-B probiotic formula. Each 3oz feeding contains not less than 50,000,000 lactobacillus bacteria! You can count on Oxy-Gen 2X Pro-B to deliver fast results in animals that need special help.

60 day 11.25 Pail - $94
127 day 20 lb Pail - $149
267 day 50lb Pail - $309


"My mare is 7 years old, limited hauling this year and a consistent 2D horse. I put my mare on Oxy Gen's Bleeder Stop and 2X back in early May after she had bled for the second time. Come to find out she also had a respiratory infection which had given her a bad cough. I had been told by a vet that her career was over unless I wanted to do Lasix but I wanted to avoid that at all cost.Late June I decided to run her for the first time since her bleed at a small local rodeo and no bleeding or coughing!!!! Since then we have made more runs and each run she is getting better even running in the bottom of the 1D in our hot and humid weather! She also walks in the arena like a dream now. Thank you Oxy-Gen for giving me my horse back!"


Oxy-Gen 2X Pro B - 60 day - 11.25 lb  $94
Oxy-Gen 2X Pro B - 127 day - 20 lb  $149
Oxy-Gen 2X Pro B - 267 day - 50 lb  $309

Blue Blazes™

Contains double strength Oxy-Gen formula as well as Circqlate technology with coated probiotics for digestive care. Expect to enhance muscle strength and stamina without "blowing up your horse". Combines very nicely with our Bleeder Stop and/or Immunize products to address respiratory issues associated with allergies, environmental triggers and EIPH. Recommended feeding is 4 oz scoop daily, can be double fed as needed.


Blue Blazes - 11.5 lb Bag - $120

Bleeder stop supplement for horses with respiratory problems including bleedersBleeder Stop

 This product deals exclusively with bleeders.  We took a little different approach to treating this problem by designing a product that ramps up Vitamin K production in the horse’s own body and provides high levels of antioxidants to support the immune system.  Vitamin K is a coagulant and will stop the bleeding fairly quickly.  Suggested to be used with any of our products containing the original Oxy-Gen formula. I get best results when using with the 2x formula.

2 lb  - 60 days  $75
5 lb - 150 days  $175
10 lb - 300
days -$250


"My horse was a bleeder, so we put him on Lasix.  The more I ran him on Lasix the slower and lazier he got.  At first we were skeptical, but we decided to give Bleeder Stop and Oxy-Gen a try.  Within 2 weeks we saw a major improvement in his times by about half a second faster and his bleeding stopped.
In August at the OKC Summer Shootout I won 1st in the 4D and 5th in the Shootout finals Round.  In October after putting my horse on the Bleeder Stop and Oxy-Gen, I won 2nd in the 1D in the 1st go of the youth at the ABRA National Finals in Tulsa.  I have also won the youth 1D saddle in my NBHA District.
Now, I'm running 1 and 2D times at the big races instead of 4D times

Lori Allmon


Bleeder Stop - 60 dose - 2 lb - $75
Bleeder Stop - 150 dose - 5 lb - $175
Bleeder Stop - 300 dose - 10 lb - $250

Take No Prisoners supplement for horses uder stress with joint injuryTake No Prisoners  

TNP is designed specifically for the intense demands of performance horses. This product addresses joint issues, gut health and respiratory problems. It is great for horses that are injury prone, aged horses, horses with EIPH  and horses with neurologic damage. We start with our Xtreme product, add CircQlate which improves the circulatory system and  double the levels of the 2 kinds of Glucosamine and MSM.   You will see results in days, not weeks.

60 day 24 lb Pail - $189
133 day 50 lb Pail - $319

"There needs to be a warning on your label, "Caution - May cause your horse to run harder and turn faster". The first 2 runs this weekend, [my horse was] nervous and wouldn't go in the pen. My horse was more focused and never balked at going into the gate and ran harder than he ever has after using Oxy-Gen."

Brenda Edmonson, Voca, TX


TNP - 60 dose - 22.5 lb  - $189
TNP - 133 dose - 50 lb - $319

Equine Oxy-Gen supplement for faster recovery more muscling better feed utilization Equine Oxy-Gen

Understanding how our Original Oxy-Gen formula works is the key to understanding the success of all of our formulas. Equine Oxy-Gen is a natural product containing Octacosanol which is derived from wheat germ extract. This natural ingredient packs a HUGE punch! Studies show that Octacosanol has been clinically proven to increase oxygen utilization during exercise. Increasing the performance of your horse’s heart and blood vessel system is the main function of Equine Oxy-Gen. It promotes the efficient conversion of food and storage fuels into biological energy, resulting in increased muscle strength, endurance, vigor, quicker reaction and faster recovery times. Our Original Oxy-Gen™ daily pellet supplement is designed to maximize genetic potential and allow the respiratory and cardiovascular systems to work more efficiently. When the heart and lungs work better you get a boosted immune system, more topline and hindquarter muscle, better stamina and faster recovery. Equine Oxy-Gen is also available fortified with our exclusive Pro-B probiotic formula to promote better feed utilization. Each feeding contains not less than 50,000,000 lactobacillus bacteria! Feed 3 ozs per day.

“I just wanted to let you know that WE LOVE OXY-GEN! We have been giving it to R.T. and he loves it too! He devours it! Remember how I told you he might not eat it because he was so picky? Not so. He will pick it out and eat it first! My neighbor came over tonight and was talking about how good he looks. Since I see him every day, I just don’t notice the difference as much, but at 14, I think he looks better than he did at 6, when I first met him! I have noticed an improvement in his stamina and he seems to be running better than ever. Cody is currently leading the 1D in the Youth Division in Alabama District 1, and is 5th place in the Open 1D class, so he is really doing well! Thanks again for a great product. I really believe it has made a difference. R.T. is part of the family and he deserves the best of everything. Thanks for helping him get it!!”

Karen Moore for Cody Moore and R.T., Athens, AL

Original Oxy-Gen - 60 dose - $80;
This size is only available in Pro-B option
Equine Oxy-Gen - 128 dose - $119; fortified with ProB - $136
choose style

Equine Oxy-Gen - 267 dose - $209; fortified with ProB - $252
choose style



CircQlate™ improves the distribution of nutrients by actively improving blood flow, increasing circulation and speeding nutrients to the cells of the body. CircQlate is a special selection of proteins and amino acids that is combined with the original Oxy-Gen formula . CircQlate™is a powerful, highly palatable pellet, and like all our products; it is safe, natural, and drug-free. Feeding Instructions 3 ounces per day top dressed on feed.

60 day 11.25 lb Pail - $94
213 day 40 lb Pail – $200



Grain Products, Plant Protein Products, Forage Products, Roughage Products, Brewers Dried Yeast, Wheat Germ Meal, Vitamin E Supplement, L-Lysine, L-Arginine, DL-Arginine.


CircQlate - 60 dose - 11.25 lb - $94
CircQlate - 213 dose - 40 lb - $200

Oxy Sheen

For a beautiful hair coat and healthy skin that works from the inside out! Oxy-Sheen aids in the control of viral and bacterial infections of the skin including: Muck itch, Rain rot, Saddle sores, Inflammation from insect bites, Summer sores, Allergies and more.

30 Day bag - 1.617 lb - $30.00
90 Day bag - 5.667 lb  - $79.00
feed 2 oz per day for 7 days and then 1 oz per day

This product is very popular in our hot and humid climates where insects and skin problems are a year round issue.
Oxy Sheen 30 dose 
Oxy Sheen 90 dose


Available in both an easy to dispense paste and a daily pellet top dress. Immunize is a supplement that speeds healing, boosts immune system, fights bacterial and viral infections and is 100% natural. Immunize is an antioxidant biotechnology of beta glucans that boosts immune, cardiovascular and digestive systems. Immunize Paste is a fast acting immune support electrolyte and probiotic paste for use when a quicker, short term response is desired.

20 Dose 100cc Tube - $40
Feed 5cc per day - insurance against illness while hauling

30 day 1.75lb bag - $30
90 day 5.625lb bag  - $79
400 day 25lb pail- $280
800 day 50lb pail - $399
Feed 2 oz per head per day for 7 days then 1 oz per day per head

How many times have you started fitting, training and hauling your horse and they come down with the "crud" regardless of your traditional immunization program? This revolutionary technology supports your horses ability to stay healthier naturally! It is great insurance for our Equine Athlete Partners and will not interfere with your daily feeding regimen. Count on Oxy-Gen® to stay on the cutting edge of natural supplements. I not only sell this product line but depend on it for our performance horses!

Laura Young, Oxy-Gen Equine Specialist
Oxy-Horse, LLC


Immunize 100 cc Paste Tube  - $40
Immunize 1.75 lb - 37 dose  - $30
Immunize 5.625 lb - 90 dose - $79
Immunize 25 lb - 400 dose - $280
Immunize 50lb - 800 dose - $399


Mega Oil by Oxy-Gen endorsed by Mcleod Mega Oil

Mega  Oil   is a high quality cold processed soybean and flax oil blend with liquid Oxy-Gen® suspended. Horses who are fed a high fat diet have better energy and stamina and maintain their weight on smaller daily grain rations.
Mega Oil
is excellent for sale prep. It really gives them a glossy coat, better hoof growth and excellent muscle development. If you are also looking for a quality Omega 3 and 6 supplement, this is it. Feed 6 to 8 ozs per head per day.

Mega Oil 1 Gallon - $35 - 9 lbs Shipping Weight

Mega Oil  5 Gallon - $115 - 45 lbs Shipping Weight


Show daily supplement from Magnum Series by Oxy-Gen Show™

Magnum series SHOW daily top dress supplement provides your horse with the nutrients to quickly improve its appearance through a proprietary blending of nutrients and vitamins. If you're looking for a supplement using our industry-leading pelleting technology to quickly increase weight gain and muscle mass, this is the product to get you there. Recommended feeding is 4 - 8 ounces per day.

Show Magnum Series  - 20 lb - $95
Show Magnum Series - 50 lb - $199

oxy boost plus equine pre race paste for better performance and faster recovery OxyBoost Plus

 Pre-race paste that will take tenths off your run.  Contains probiotics, electrolytes and allows your horse to run faster and cool off faster.  Also used to keep horses hydrated when hauling long distances.  You will see a difference the first time you use it.

 80 cc tube 8 doses - $20
Buy 5 get 1 free - 80cc tubes - $100

"My horse came down with a breathing problem in the last eight months. I gave him Oxy-Boost Plus 2 hours before I ran. He didn't seem to be as stressed during the run, and he cooled down really fast."

Carol Demmert, Harlingen, TX

OxyBoost Plus 8 dose 80CC tube


Buy 5 get 1 free

jail break paste pre race supplement for horses with ulcers, soreness and respiratory issues  Jail Break Paste

 Pre-race paste for the nervous horse, horses with ulcers, and gate issues.  Contains probiotics, electrolytes and an acid reducer.  You will see a difference the first time you use it.

 80 cc tube 4 doses - $25
buy 4 tubes, get 1 Free

First, I just want to make it absolutely clear that I am not sponsored by this company and what I am going to say is out of gratitude for making a product that really works!  My Calyx horse was a bundle of nerves at races and started refusing to go thru the gate. My sister actually would have to get behind him with a jockey whip to get him in the arena. That's how bad he had gotten. Then he just couldn't focus during a run and it seemed that he was hurting. Not lame, but I knew he had to have ulcers and competing just made things worse. I started him on an expensive veterinary ulcer treatment.  Then I saw an ad about JailBreak from Oxygen. I started giving him JailBreak on competition day and from the very first time I used it, there was an improvement.

 This last weekend, he ended up 10th in the 1-D out of 190 horses.  He no longer refuses to go in the arena and he is working the pattern rather than trying to get away from it. He used to be a 4-D horse because of his nerves and now he is running with the best.  If it wasn't for JailBreak, this horse would have been a trail horse by now.  Thank you so much!

Kiki Yaron and Oh Corolla
, California

Jail Break GI Paste 4 Dose 80cc Tube


Buy 4 get 1 Free


Magnum 44 Performance Electrolyte Paste Magnum 44™

Using our very popular JailBreak Gi formula we've added aloe vera gel and additional magnesium. Use before performance to soothe the digestive tract, improve muscle strength, increase lung capacity and reinforce neurologic health. Feed 20 cc's 2 hours prior to strenuous activity or whenever conditions are stressful.

Magnum 44 performance electrolyte paste - 100 cc tube - 5 doses $35

intensive hoof acre daily feed supplement for equinesIntensive Hoof Care

Intensive nutritional support containing CirQulate to stimulate blood flow and other ingredients to stimulate hoof growth, repair and remodeling. For horses presenting with problems feed 3 oz per day.  Maintenance dose is 1.5 oz per day.

64 dose 6 lb bag - $67
120 dose 12lb bag - $120

Recommended by Farriers as a product that "really performs". Improves hoof wall quality and hoof growth, there's a foot to trim and a wall to nail too!
IHC 64 dose
IHC 120 dose


Sherry Cervi's Performance Gold Paste series from Oxygen - Rush and Focus

The Performance Gold Paste Series
Developed with Team Oxy-Gen's member Sherry Cervi, is designed to deliver enhanced performance
when you need it most

Rush - Electrolyte Performance Paste formulated for Lung Support
80 cc tube - 4 - 20 cc doses $60.00
for best results feed 2 hours in advance of performance or work


Focus - Amino Acid Performance Paste formulated for Pre Race Nerves  80 cc tube - 4 - 20 cc doses $60.00
for best results feed 2 hours in advance of performance or work

peek performance oxygen people capsules with vitamin d  Peek Extreme Capsules   
                                for People

Recommended for athletes of all sports, as well as those with arthritis and other joint issues. Customers are noticing they have more energy and stamina, and recover more quickly from physical exertion. Some have reported that cholesterol levels have been lowered, and even experienced a decrease in the effects of allergies and other respiratory ailments! Try it!...it works.

Our original Oxy-Gen Extreme People Capsules with MSM and Glucosamine are now enhanced with Vitamin D the "SUNSHINE" vitamin for strong bones and healing! Endorced by Josh Peek and are available in a 90 count capsule bottle and should be taken at  the rate of 2 per day!

90 capsules - take two daily  $39

"Hey Laura,
     I have been taking that "people formula" I don't know what's in it... but usually when I ride my back kills me the next day... it doesn't hurt!!! I blame my back problems on having 2 children and the epidurals.. but I tell you, taking this when I loped my horse, I didn’t feel the tugging and soreness that I do, and that is usually an immediate hurt. Kerry has been taking it also his elbows doesn’t hurt like they used to... I would like to order another bottle of that.  The formula the horses are on.. I don't really know yet, because its only been 2 weeks, but Alex's aged roping horse is feeling VERY good!!!"
Myra, Kerry and Alex Nobles, Bogalusa LA

Peek Performance People Formula


oxy gen extreme people formula for better recovery, more muscling and improved respirationOxy-Gen Extreme Capsules - People Formula

The original Oxy-Gen Capsules formula, enhanced with MSM and Glucosamine for joint health!

90 capsules - take one daily  $39

Now that your horse is ready to run and win, shouldn't you be too? Don't hold 'em back or be a passenger... ride to win!

You too can have better stamina, more muscle and greater focus...

People Formula

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