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"Our Goal is a horse with excellent lung health and great stamina;
with improved muscle health and function. "
Laura Young - Oxy-Horse, LLC

Newest products and offers from Oxy-Gen

March Special - It's Mare Season! receive a FREE tube of Oxy Mare paste, a $100 value, with purchase of any size Advantage daily supplement or 20lb Pail of Performance Mare Product daily supplement.

Oxy Mare  paste helps mares maintain a normal disposition, supports normal balanced behavior and provides help for restless animals100cc tube provides 5 - 20cc doses. 

PMP 20lb - package provides 160 -  doses $150

Advantage - 24 lb package provides 133 - 4 oz cup doses $130
Advantage - 50 lb package provides 267 - 4 oz cup doses $225

Oxy-Pulmon Endorsed by Jana Bean
a liquid Eucalyptus and Vitamin E supplement to help maintain normal pulmonary health and support performance and stamina in horses.

1 gallon provides over 100 - 30cc doses for $100
recommended for performance day and also daily for horses with respiratory ailments

Oxy Pulmon liquid Eucalyptus and Viamin E from Oxy-Gen


Oxy Bio Gut

a liquid prebiotic, probiotic and yeast based supplement that supports normal GI function and acts as a digestive aid in horses.

1/2 gallon provides 30 2-oz doses  $45 recommended daily dose is 2oz per head per day.

Oxy Bio Gut liquid to maintain normal GI function from Oxy-Gen


Advantage daily supplement for horses from Oxy-Gen
Advantage daily pelleted supplement is designed for Broodmares, Foals and Yearlings...but is also very beneficial from conception to companion! This supplement targets Immune health "contains our Immunize", Lung health and Muscle development "contains our Original Oxy-Gen formula" and improves digestion "contains our Gut Integrity".

Advantage - 25lb Container provides 133 scoops, feed 2 scoops per day for 7 days and then 1 scoop per day for maintenance - $130.00
Advantage - 50lb Container provides 267 scoops, feed 2 scoops per day for 7 days and then 1 scoop per day for maintenance - $225.00

Triple Threat Race day Paste from the Pozzi Performance Line
$60 per 100cc Tube


Lacey Harmon won the 100K slot race at the LG Pro Classic; Ryann Pedone was second! Both run and win on Triple Threat! 

B Pozzi's Triple Threat Race Day Performance Paste  delivers anti-inflammatories,  provides lung support, settles the stomach and soothes the gut with aloe vera gel.

100 cc tube contains 5 doses, feed 20cc's 2 hours before performance.

Mag Fat Daily Supplement from Oxy-Gen

Mag Fat 35 is a daily pelleted supplement to stimulate rapid weight gain and improve appearance. Very palatable and guaranteed results when time is critical!  

Mag-Fat 15 lb Bag provides 80 scoops, feed 1- 2 scoops per day - $85.00
Mag-Fat 50lb Box provides 260 scoops, feed 1- 2 scoops per day - $249.00

Tie Breaker Performance Paste for Horses from Oxy-Gen
Tie Breaker probiotic electrolyte performance day paste comes in an 80 cc tube and provides 4 - 20cc doses. Turmeric promotes healthy muscle function while the JailBreak GI base soothes the digestive system and provides a performance dose of the Original Oxy-Gen Formula.

Tie Breaker Package Deal - Buy  qty 4 -  80 cc - 4 dose tubes and get 1  tube free - $160.00
Tie Breaker Single Tube regular price - $40 - qty of 4 - 20cc doses per tube

XT10 - Xtreme Turmeric by Oxy-Gen Lung Joint and Anti-Oxidant Supplement
XT10- Xtreme Turmeric provides a daily serving of the Original Oxy-Gen Formula to improve stamina and decrease recovery time, our signature joint formula, our signature digestive support Pro B formula and Turmeric; known as an effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory - recommended feeding is 1 - 2 doses per day . This supplement is an "improved" Oxy-Gen Xtreme formula previously available from our Oxy-Gen Classic Series.

XT10 - 11.25 lb package provides 60 - 4 oz cup doses $99
XT10 - 20 lb package provides 100 - 4 oz cup doses $153
XT10 - 50 lb package provides 260 - 4 oz cup doses $300

Mag-Max for Horses by Oxy-Gen Complete daily Supplement
Mag-Max is a complete daily supplement providing Lung, Joint and Ulcer care. This supplement is an "improved" Oxy-Max. We triple the levels of magnesium and coat with aloe vera to further soothe the digestive tract. Recommended feeding is 1 - 2 doses per day.

Mag-Max - 30 - 8 oz cup doses - 11.5 lb package - $90

Mag-Max - 60 - 8 oz cup doses - 24lb package - $165

Mag-Max - 133 - 8 oz cup doses - 50lb package - $299

Magnum 44 Performance Day Paste from Oxy-Gen
Magnum 44 is an improved JailBreak GI  Formula performance day electrolyte and probiotic paste. We tripled the magnesium and added aloe vera to further soothe the digestive tract. It is a 100cc dose tube providing 5 - 20cc doses.  Recommend feeding is 20 cc's 2 hours prior to performance or stressful activity.

Magnum 44  Package Deal Buy 4 get 1 Free performance day electrolyte paste - 100 cc tube - 5 doses  $140


Magnum 44 performance day electrolyte paste - 100 cc tube - 5 - 20 doses $35


Blue Blazes daily supplement for Performance Horses from Oxy-Gen
Blue Blazes is a daily supplement specifically to enhance stamina and build superior muscling in equine performance athletes. Each serving provides a daily dose of the original Oxy-Gen formula, CircQlate and our signature ProB probiotics.  Recommended feeding is 1 -2 doses per day.

Blue Blazes - 11.5 lb package - 60 - 4oz cup doses $120


Blue Blazes - 50 lb package - 260 - 4oz cup doses $500


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