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Equine 7 Performance Horse Products from the makers of the Original OxyGen Formula

 We are bringing you 7 natural solutions to your horses' most commonly prescribed prescription drugs.

Equine 7™ performance supplements  are natural, drug-free products designed to replace pharmaceuticals. We guaranteed they are safe and effective  without unwanted side effects.

The over-all long term health of our animals should be of the highest concern. Our animals are not only important and valuable members of our family but they are also a valuable asset and their health and long-term viability as a competitor is a priority. Equine 7 products are natural by design and have no negative side effects such as increased bleeding, lack of focus, organ damage or brittle bones and will perform with no negative or dangerous side effects.

Oxy Silver - Joint, Lung, Gut and Inflammation - from Oxy-Gen
Oxy O2 - Lung Care - from Oxy-Gen
Oxy Sox - Hoof and Foot care - from Oxy-Gen
Oxy Mare - Improves Behavior and Smoothes Cycles - from Oxy-Gen
Oxy Fluidity - Joint Care - from Oxy-Gen

Oxy-Aide from Equine 7 our best digestive aide to address equine ulcers

Oxy Zen - Lung Care and Improved Focus - from Oxy-Gen

   Oxy Fluidity - Joint Care - from Oxy-Gen
New Formula  Oct 2019
Equine 7 Oxy Fluidity  Joint Therapy

Oxy Fluidity™ is an oral Buffered Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and includes egg shell membraneand MSM to help lubricate, cushion your horse's joints and reduce inflammation. We've added Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant, and Yucca for pain and inflammation.
It comes in an easy to administer paste that can be used as a joint health program and also as a pre-race paste to improve race day performance and recovery.
.  It is easy to administer, comes in a convenient 100 cc tube and you can give it directly in the mouth from the tube or top dress the feed. Our customers experience that Fluidity™ outperforms other joint supplements in both immediate and long term relief. Fluidity™ reduces inflammation from day one improving stride length and overall freedom of movement. Fluidity™ is not a blood thinner. It is safe for horses suffering from ulcers and  "bleeders" suffering from EIPH. Breeding Stallions and Mares also benefit from Fluidity™.  

A 100cc Tube of Oxy Fluidity™ paste
contains 5 - 20cc doses.
For Horses Presenting with Lameness or Horses due for Injections -
 Give 5 loading doses - one dose every 4 days then 1 dose as needed before performance.

For Maintenance give at least 1 - 2 doses every month or 1 dose as needed before performance.

Can also be used as insurance for stressful competition - give 1 dose 2 hours before competition.



Customer Testimonial

Hi Laura,

"The Oxy Fluidity  supplement is far exceeding our expectations. Although, Benjie cannot maintain the left canter yet, in time he will. The difference in his movement is extraordinary; he no longer has the jack hammer canter. The difference in their feet is just as amazing. We have a collection of TB's that have benefited greatly from the Take No Prisoners. Thank you!!! I have placed another order of the TNP, and then when that is done will try the Xtreme.

Thanks again for a great product!!! "

Nancy Malec
Owego, NY


Original Oxy Fluidity - 100cc Tube - $


Original Formula Package deal Buy 2 tubes - $100

  Oxy-Aide - Gi support from recurrent colic or ulcers - from Oxy-Gen  Equine 7 Oxy Aide™

Equine Ulcers are a real problem for 90% of all horses in training and competition.  Ulcers will negatively affect your horse's health costing you money and compromising performance. Common symptoms of equine ulcers can be exhibited as lack of focus, performance anxiety and arena issues, attitude change and recurring colic.

Oxy Aide™ is a natural drug-free paste available for both Gastric (front) and Duodenal (hind) ulcers.

Oxy Aide™ can be used on all horses of any sex or age for the relief from equine ulcers.

Oxy Aide™ is an easy to use paste that addresses the issues of both front and hind equine ulcers. Oxy Aide™ can also be used safely every day to support the stress and strain of training, hauling and competition without fear of negative side effects.

Oxy Aide™ will give your horse immediate relief from the pain of an intestinal disturbance allowing them to feel better, focus and compete successfully. Your horse can be ulcer free when feeding our Ulcer package program. Combine the benefits of Oxy Aide and Mag-Max pellets from the Oxy-Gen® Equine line  for optimal results.

For Prevention of ulcers during competition - feed 10ccs orally on day prior to hauling and every day while on the road.

For the relief of Horses presenting with symptoms of ulcers - give (1)  20cc feeding orally every day for 15 days
3 tubes are required to provide the recommended 15 doses

For relief and prevention of recurrence - Order the Ulcer package, 3 tubes of Oxy Aide with 45lb Mag Max
Package Price is $475
start the MagMax at  day 13 of feeding regimen

Customer Testimonial

"I can't say enough good things about Oxy-Gen! They offer some of the best products on the market to keep horses healthy and performance ready. I have seen great results with every product I have used. I recently tried Oxy Aide and I was very happy with the results. I decided to try it because it is offered at a reasonable price for a complete treatment of ulcers and my mare had an immediate recovery. I would recommend this product for anyone having trouble with ulcers in their horses. Not only do they offer great products, the Oxy-Gen staff goes above and beyond to help you and your horse. Thank you Oxy-Gen and Staff for helping keep my horses feeling their best."

Lesley Luttrell, Choudrant, LA

3-time PRCA Southeast Circuit Finalist
3-time Louisiana Rodeo Association Champion
2011 2nd Round Winner at Rodeo Austin,TX and 3rd in the Average



Oxy Aide - 100cc Tube - $100 -


Oxy Aide - 3 tube Bundle - $225

Oxy Aide and Mag Max Package Deal - $475


 Oxy O2 - Lung Care - from Oxy-Gen Equine 7 Oxy O2  - Lung Care and Performance Paste

OxyO2™ is an oral paste formulated to meet the lung care performance level of pharmaceutical medications without their associated negative side effects. The use of Oxy O2™ will help resolve bronchial spasms such as coughing and improve pulmonary ventilation. Bronchial spasms are often associated with airflow interference and Oxy O2™ is used in the care of respiratory disease where airway obstruction is identified. It is easy to use and highly palatable.

Oxy O2™ is designed to be used in the care of respiratory disease and is strongly suggested for maintenance of EIPH commonly know as "Bleeders" in horses. Oxy O2™ is helpful in horses with respiratory deficiencies because it increases oxygen to the lungs and relaxes the muscles that line the lung airways. Once the airways dilate, the amount of air in each breath is largely increased.

Studies at Oklahoma State by Dr. Michael Davis determined that clenbuterol caused horses to get tired quickly and had a negative effect on muscle function. Long term treatments with clenbuterol revealed gastric irritation, decrease in performance, heart function, lung capacity, and recovery time. Other noted long term side effects include nervousness, high blood pressure, and low blood pressure.

Oxy O2™ can offer your horse improved performance, relief of symptoms and healing from respiratory conditions such as COPD, EIPH, Heaves, Allergies, Stable Coughs and Seasonal Triggers.

Your horse will be healthier and performing at his best once symptoms subside; and it is recommended that one of our daily supplements  be fed for optimal results.

Recommended Loading Dose
Feed 20cc directly into the mouth for 3 days, then reduce to 10cc until problem subsides

Feed 5 cc daily to promote healing and manage symptoms

Feed 20cc one to three hours prior to competition




Customer Testimonial

"The very first time I used OxyO2 from the Oxy-Gen Equine 7 line I noticed a tremendous difference. My horse was much calmer and had a new confidence about him. Usually after warming up for a run he gets very excited, I normally get off of him and hand walk him to prevent him from “washing out”. After using the OxyO2 he warmed up normal and then proceeded to walk around comfortably without me having to get off of his back. When it came time to run, he fired harder and turned harder than ever! I was so happy with these results. Digger will definitely continue to run on OxyO2. I love it!"

Kyndal McCown and Sompingottastop
-2011 PRCA Southeastern Circuit Finals Qualifier
-Go Round Winner at the 2011 WPRA World Finals


Oxy O2 - 100cc Tube -$100


Package Deal 2 tubes - Oxy O2 - 100cc Tube -$150


Oxy Zen - Lung Care and Improved Focus - from Oxy-Gen Equine 7 Oxy Zen - Anti-Anxiety

Oxy Zen™ is an oral paste formulated  as a natural alternative to replace the use of pharmaceutical sedatives.

Anxiety in horses can arise from a variety of factors including competition, training and hauling. Suppressing anxiety while still keeping your horse alert and performing its best is vital.

Oxy Zen™ is safe to use for all horses of any sex or age. Oxy Zen™ avoids the undesirable side effects commonly found with anti-anxiety pharmaceuticals including  sweating, pawing, swinging the head, rhythmic neck flexion and extension of the forelimbs. As a natural alternative to drugs, it promotes sound equine mental health.

Within 2 hours of administration, Oxy Zen™ will create a calming effect  in your horse allowing him to maintain his focus, fire and responsiveness.  Your horses can train and perform their best without the unnecessary risks associated with pharmaceuticals.

Pre-performance program: feed 20cc's 2 hours prior to competition

Customer Testimonial

"After years of struggling with pre-race anxiety I have finally found a product that works for my mare, Red Dancing Duck (Suzie)! Oxy Zen allows her to relax, focus and perform better than she ever has, not to mention she recovers twice as fast! I'm always thrilled to see her go straight to the water bucket after each run!

Thank you Oxy-Gen and your wonderful Equine 7 products."


Ashley Rice
Stephenville, TX


Oxy Zen Pre Performance Paste - 100cc Tube - $50

 Oxy Zen Case Price qty 10  - 100cc Tube - $450


Oxy Mare - Improves Behavior and Smoothes Cycles - from Oxy-Gen Equine 7 Oxy Mare™ - Manages Estrus Cycle Behavior

Oxy Mare™ is an easy to administer  pre-performance paste designed to improve mare's behavioral problems associated with their estrus cycle. Oxy Mare is safe for mares of breeding age and is designed to replace the use of hormone therapy. It is safe to handle and administer without fear of human contact side effects.

Oxy Mare™ is effective within 2 hours of administration. Oxy Mare improves concentration, reduces pain and discomfort and helps with stamina and energy.

Best results are achieved when used along with our Performance Mare Product for daily use.

Pre-performance program: Feed 20 ccs 2 - 4  hours prior to competition.

Customer Testimonial

"I have a few mares I haul that can get very irritable when they are cycling and its frustrating when it can affect their performance. I have tried  several things over the years to try to keep them more comfortable and not in pain especially when I am hauling them every weekend. I was out of luck until I found out about Oxy Mare! I was very eager to test it on my horses and was very happy with the results. Anytime I notice one of my horses starting to cycle, I immediately give them a dose each day until the cycle is gone. The Oxy Mare seems to keep them relaxed and focused for their runs. It works like a charm!

2X WPRA World Champion
Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi

Oxy Mare  Paste - 100cc Tube - $50.


Oxy Mare  Case Price qty 10 100cc Tubes - $450

Oxy Sox - Hoof and Foot care - from Oxy-Gen Equine 7 Oxy Sox™ - Improves Circulation for better foot health

Oxy Sox™administered as a palatable paste works to increase circulation and blood flow to the foot.

 Oxy Sox™ is for the care of laminitis, navicular syndrome and other undiagnosed lameness issues of the foot. By increasing the circulation to the bone, Oxy Sox™ helps the foot repair and remodel its shape to adapt to the changing stress of foot diseases.

Oxy Sox™ comes without the unwanted side effects of changes in blood pressure, increased heart rate, and possible gastrointestinal irritation. It increases blood flow to the lower legs and hoof both internally and externally leading to improved health, soundness, and well-being.

Best results are achieved when used along with our daily Intensive Hoof Care from the Original Oxy-Gen product line.

Recommended Loading Dose
Feed 10cc directly into the mouth, 2 times per day for 5 days

Feed 10cc 1 time daily for 2 days before competition and 20cc’s 2 hours prior to competition

Customer Testimonial

"My 4 year old "Credit Ta Fame" (Saturday) had weak, brittle feet that wouldn't grow. His feet got so bad that the shoes wouldn't stay on. I gave him a full series (3tubes) of Oxy Sox in 3 weeks. Before I finished the 3rd week, his feet were strong enough to hold shoes again. A couple of months later my farrier asked me what I had done different to this horse's feet because ther was such a noticeable difference and he was impressed! The growth and the quality of both hooves were amazing! Thank you Oxy-Gen and Oxy-Sox for helping my horse!"

Caryn Henry

Seville, FL

Oxy Sox Paste - 100cc Tube - $50


Oxy Sox Paste Case Price -qty10 - $450


Oxy Silver - Joint, Lung, Gut and Inflammation from Oxy-Gen Equine 7 Oxy Silver™ Pre Performance Paste

Oxy Silver™ is a pre-performance paste designed to help senior athletes competing in physically demanding activities perform their best by providing joint, lung, ulcer and anti-inflammatory protection natural and drug-free. It is designed to replicate the results derived from using pharmaceuticals.

Much like people, horses experience changing needs as they age and need help to do the work they love while looking and feeling their best. By supplementing your horse with a natural drug-free pre-performance paste, you can ensure that your horse is at its best. Oxy Silver is safe to use on horses of all ages, but is designed especially for needs of the the Senior athlete.

Oxy Silver is not intended to replace any products that are fed daily as a part of a comprehensive maintenance program. We recommend feeding Mag Maxdaily supplement from the Oxy-Gen line to support daily supplement needs of senior horses.

Oxy Silver™ assists horses in breathing and increases lung capacity. .

Oxy Silver™ has joint health properties decreasing inflammation and the creation of destructive enzymes associated with inflammation.

Oxy Silver™ protects the stomach from developing an ulcer condition and stops discomfort immediately while balancing the gut for optimal nutrient absorption and performance

Pre-performance program

Feed 20 ccs 2 hours prior to competition.

Customer Testimonial

" I purchased Sparky (Dash N Sparks) in May of 2012 and since then I have always struggled with him eating his food at home or on the road. When I am at a three day show or a long weekend of rodeos I have noticed that it has affected our performance at times. When arrived at the WPRA Women's Finals he wouldn't eat for the first day we were there. I spoke with Ally Hayes at the Oxy-Gen booth and she worked with me exclusively all weekend to make sure he was feeling his best. She suggested a combination of both Jailbreak and Oxy Silver. As a result of Ally's help, Sparky went to eating and winning! He placed in the first round of the card holder race, 5th in the short go, and 6th in the average! I started him on Oxy-Max immediately once I returned home and about 3 weeks later I saw a different horse! Not only does he polish off his food as soon as it's put in front of him, his coat looks great, and he's running harder than ever! Sparky will not run without Oxy-Gen products. There isn't another product on the market that can compare! Sparky will be 17 in January and the Oxy Silver and the Jailbreak are ESSENTIAL to our success on the road and I will NOT run him without it!"

Thanks Ally and Oxy-Gen for all of your help!
Sarah Attea

Oxy Silver Pre Performance Paste $100


Package Deal qty 2 - Oxy Silver Pre Performance Paste $150


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