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Newest Products and Offers from Oxy-Gen

OxyGen April sale is MagMax and Mag44 Gift with Purchase

Performance Mare Product from OxyGen Dong Quai and Chasteberry
We've added herbal Chasteberry and Dong Quai  to Oxy-Gen's popular Performance Mare Product daily pellet. Lose the attitude, not the fire! You can expect the new PMP to further relax your horse and relieve symptoms associated with estrus. We recommend feeding one to two doses per day!  We have 2 offers: 7.5lb bag  $75, or 20lb pail for $150

Mag44 bioavailable magnesium performance paste from OxyGen
We've improved Oxy-Gen's popular Mag 44 performance paste. . We've added slippery elm and licorice to  our high magnesium paste.  You can expect Mag 44 to enhance oxygen utilization, healthy digestion and normal stomach ph. We recommend feeding one dose 2 hours before performance; or whenever your horse is prone to stress from hauling or environmental issues!  We have 2 offers: single tube providing 4 - 20 cc doses for $35, or package deal of 3 tubes for $90

MagMax from OxyGen new formula with Slippery Elm and Licorice
Introducing Oxy-Gen's improved Mag Max. We've added chondroitin, slippery elm and licorice to  our complete health supplement.  When feeding Mag Max you can expect to enhance bone and joint health, oxygen utilization, healthy digestion and normal stomach ph. We recommend feeding one dose per day; split the dose so the horse receives an equal serving at each feeding. We offer three package sizes: 60 dose for $165, 90 dose for $225  and 120 doses for $275

Mag Select from OxyGen daily magnesium supplment for horses
Introducing Mag Select from OxyGen for your performance horses. A daily serving is packed with 5000 mg of proven, quality magnesium to insure bioavailability. Magnesium is an essential mineral necessary for normal nerve and muscle function, a healthy immune system, a steady heartbeat and strong bones. We recommend feeding a full 4oz scoop per day. We offer two package sizes: 30 dose for $45 and 60 dose for $79

Mega Oil for horses from Oxy-Gen now available with aloe vera


Mega Oil™
, endorsed by Michele McLeod, is now available with Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is high in digestible fiber, antioxidants and is an anti inflammatory.  The inner leaf gel studies have shown it is soothing to the digestive tract and aids natural healing of GI ulcerations. Our Aloe Vera Extract provides Vitamins C, E, A, Beta-Carotene and Minerals magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium, and iron. We offer 2 package sizes: 1 gallon for $40 and 2.5 gallon for $85.  

Oxy Pulmon liquid Eucalyptus and Viamin E from Oxy-Gen

Oxy-Pulmon Endorsed by Jana Bean
a liquid Eucalyptus and Vitamin E supplement to help maintain normal pulmonary health and support performance and stamina in horses.

1 gallon provides over 100 - 30cc doses for $100
recommended for performance day and also daily for horses with respiratory ailments.

Available in one package size:

1 gallon provides 100-133 doses $100


Oxy Bio Gut liquid to maintain normal GI function from Oxy-Gen

Oxy Bio Gut Contains Aloe Vera 

a liquid prebiotic, probiotic and yeast based supplement that supports normal GI function and acts as a digestive aid in horses.

1/2 gallon provides 30 2-oz doses  $45 recommended daily dose is 2oz per head per day.

Available in one package size:

1/2  gallon provides 100-133 doses $45


Mag Fat Boss by OxyGen to promote weight gain and build muscle from Oxy-Gen

Mag-Fat BOSS includes black sunflower seed oil 

a daily pelleted supplement that starts with the Original Oxy-Gen formula improved with magnesium, stabilized rice bran and black sunflower seed oil. Ideal to support proper weight and build muscle for under weight horses or horses who are hard keepers; horses who are under heavy work or intense training.  Available in three package sizes:

11.25# provides 60-70 doses $85


20# provides 120-130 doses $145


50# provides 250-280 doses $249


Oxy Lox Mane and Tail supplement for horses

Oxy-Lox with BOSS

a daily pelleted supplement that starts with the Original Oxy-Gen formula improved with black sunflower seed oil, beta-glucans for immune support and biotin.  Ideal for horses with summer itch who rub themselves raw due to seasonal allergies and insect bites to promote mane and tail growth as well as a beautiful glossy hair coat. Also great for prepping horses for sale. We recommend 2 daily doses and best results are achieved when split fed. Available in one package size:

5.6# provides 60-70 doses $50


E-Charge for Horses electrolyte and amino acid powder by OxyGen

E-Charge electrolyte powder for performance horses

a quick absorbing powered electrolyte, amino acid and trace mineral supplement. Ideal for horses who are under heavy work or intense training to maintain proper hydration .  It is also beneficial to promote water consumption for finicky horses while hauling or away from home. Unlike some other oral electrolyte powders, E-charge is very palatable and readily accepted top dressed on feed ration. Available in three package sizes:

1.88# provides 30 doses $30


3.75# provides 60 doses $50


Re-Charge by Oxy-Gen Paste supplement with Branch Chain Amino Acids for exercise tolerance and faster recovery from exertion

Re-Charge BCAAprovides essential branch chain amino acids

 Performance day oral paste is ideal for horses who are under heavy work or intense training.  It supports exercise tolerance and improved recovery time. We recommend to give 30 cc's 2 hours prior to competition/work. Available in one package size:

60 cc tube provides 2 - 30cc doses $40


Buy 2 tubes and save $10 $70


Sweat More for horses by Oxy-Gen supports thyroid function for combating anhidrosis, non sweaters

Sweat More for Horsescombats anhidrosis "non sweaters"

a daily pelleted supplement that provides supplemental Iodine and L-Tyrosine (natural not synthetic). Ideal to support proper thermoregulation to maintain a healthy body temperature essential for  horses who are under heavy work or intense training. Also beneficial for horses who require support to maintain normal thyroid function. Available in two package sizes:

5.625# provides 30doses $45


11.25# provides 60 doses $75


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