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run fast, turn hard, finish strong & recover quickly!

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Oxy-Gen® A brand you Recognize and Trust!

The Original Oxy-Gen® formula is "the success key"
to all of our Oxy-Gen® products.

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"Our Goal is a horse with excellent lung health and great stamina;
with improved muscle health and function. "
Laura Young - Oxy-Horse, LLC

NEW!!! Magnum Performance is built with technology from Oxy-Gen®!
Our newest series is formulated to take performance to a
new level!!!

Mag-Max - daily pelleted Oxy-Max ingredients with additional magnesium and coated with Aloe Vera
Magnum 44 -
JailBreak GI paste ingredients with additional magnesium and aloe vera
Show -
daily pelleted supplement to improve weight gain and increase muscle mass
Blue Blazes -
daily pelleted 2X Pro B  and CircQlate ingredients

The BP Performance Series designed by Brittany Pozzi is built with technology from Oxy-Gen®!

Pozzi's Power - Daily Maintenance Paste

Pozzi's Relax - Before Performance Paste

Pozzi's Relax - Daily Pellet

Pozzi's Race X - Performance Paste

Pozzi's Bleed X - Daily Maintenance Paste

Brittany Pozzi Performance Supplements  are Powered by Oxy-Gen

Brittany Pozzi Bleed X daily paste strengthens the respiratory system in Horses

Pozzi's Bleed X is our popular Bleeder Stop in a paste version. Specifically designed for picky eaters and those who sift through their supplements.

Brittany Pozzi Race X Performance paste provides lung support for bleeders

Pozzi's Race X  performance paste includes fractional ingredients from the Bleeder Stop; Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and Hemicellulose extract.
It also  includes eucalyptus oil from the Performance Gold Rush, the popular Jailbreak base and we've added additional electrolytes making this product a 3-in-1 combination!

Horse Power from Oxy-Horse - run fast, turn hard, finish strong and recover quickly


Horse Power formulas, available exclusively from Oxy-Horse™, are especially beneficial for performance horses to prevent the onset of "EIPH" also known as "Bleeders".  Feeding a daily dose of Horse Power™ helps to protect your horse from exercise, stress and environmental induced respiratory ailments.  Horse Power™ and Horse Power Now™ are suitable for all performance horses of any sex or age. Horse Power is known to enhance performance and improve lung health; promote better muscling and greater stamina. 

Horse Power™ daily pellets address both lung health and muscle health in a single daily product. Easy to feed and no guessing about appropriate dosage.  Horse Power Now™  electrolyte paste is a before and/or after performance paste that contains vitamins and natural ingredients to provide energy, improved lung capacity, better muscle health and speeds recovery following exertion.

Mega Oil by Oxy-Gen endorsed by Team McLeod
Mega Oil is endorsed by Team McLeod.  Our yummy tasting daily top dress, high fat, soybean and flax oil supplement provides Omega 3 and 6 plus the Original Oxy-Gen® formula in every serving!

Immunize from Oxy-Gen supports good health  in animals
Your animals stay healthier with Oxy-Gen's® natural immune support solution. Immunize™ is a multi species  formula available in both daily pelleted formula and a fast acting paste formula. Immunize helps protect your animal against Equine Herpes Virus, Turkey Virus, Skin Allergies and Respiratory Conditions associated with stress, close contact and environmental triggers!

Oxy-Ulcer from the Equine 7 line protects against and prevents Equine Ulcers

Your Performance Horse stays comfortable and performing at it's best level with Oxy Ulcer™.  Equine Ulcers are a real problem for 90% of all horses in training and competition.  Ulcers will negatively affect your horse's health costing you money and compromising performance. Common symptoms of equine ulcers can be exhibited as lack of focus, performance anxiety and arena issues, attitude change and recurring colic.

Oxy Ulcer™ is a natural drug-free paste for protection against both Gastric (front) and Duodenal (hind) ulcers. Oxy Ulcer™ is effective in providing relief from symptoms of equine ulcers.

Oxy Ulcer™ is safe and effective for every day use when you want to safeguard against the stress and strain of training, hauling and competition. Oxy Ulcer™ will give your horse immediate relief from the pain of a digestive tract disturbance allowing them to feel better, focus and compete successfully.

Pictured above is Carolanne Lundy and her
Grand Champion Steer
2013 Kissimmee, FL Fat Steer Show
Carolanne feeds Original OxyGen, our "tried and proven" daily supplement that has been Building Champions since the
1997 Houston Livestock Show!

Taylor Smith Barrel racer


"Choosing Oxy-Gen equine products was the best decision I made this season for my horse's competitive edge. At the age of 14 and hauling to 50+ rodeos, he needed a fix. I have tried many different supplements, but never saw a change in my horse’s performance. After feeding Bleeder Stop and Intensive Hoof Care, my horse now has a healthy foot and can compete without lasix! I also use Jailbreak GI before every competition. My horse stays relaxed and at ease, but will fire better than he ever has! I have had great success with Oxy-Gen products and will continue to use them! I recommend them to anyone who wants to see the full potential of their competitive animal. Thank you so much Oxy-Gen for your help with the health of Peppy, and qualifying us to the IFR 2013 in barrels and breakaway!"

 Taylor Smith, Benton, KY



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