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Horse Power

Oxy-Horse™ created the Horse Power™ formula to improve lung health and increase stamina in performance horses. When fed daily, it is designed to prevent EIPH. It will also ease the symptoms of  COPD and other respiratory conditions associated with allergies exacerbated by environmental conditions. 

We address both lung health and muscle health in a single daily product. When feeding Horse Power™ you can expect your performance horse to have better stamina and faster recovery; a healthier hair coat and improved hoof health and growth.

Horse Power™ does not contain joint products or ulcer care products and will complement your current program. Horse Power™ is natural, safe and will not test. The product is simple to feed; no mixing or guessing is required. It is palatable and contains no dangerous drugs. Horse Power™ is suitable for all performance horses.

Horse Power™ is a daily top dress, alfalfa and grain based pellet supplement containing l-lysine and l-arginine, brewers dried yeast and wheat germ meal, menadione and niacinimide, vitamin E and natural flavoring. A daily split fed dose, 2 oz’s top dressed twice per day, provides nutrition essential to more effectively deliver available oxygen to your horse’s muscles without increasing blood pressure, supplemental Vitamin K supports improved lung health.

Sarai Angelle and Martha Ole
"Since becoming an Oxy-Horse,
Mo is running faster and performing better than ever.”

Sarai Angelle and Martha Ole

Horse Power  - 180 dose -  bag - $135 - 90 days

Horse Power  - 500 dose -  box - $299 - 250 days

Horse Power Now!™

We're SORRY! Horse Power Now!™ is no longer available. Give us a call to talk about other pre and post race options!

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