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Oxy-Gen A brand you Recognize and Trust!

The Original Oxy-Gen formula is "the success key"
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Tori Leblanc of Houma, Louisiana  joins Oxy-Horse! Tori has a background in barrel racing and has notable title accomplishments in national, regional and local shows. We're happy and excited for Tori as she represents Oxy-Horse at Equine Venues in and around our area.

Thank you for your interest in our products! Our web site is designed to introduce you to our  products, to keep you abreast of changes to our product line, to advise you of our show schedule and to introduce you to our world of customers!

We have recently experienced changes in the labeling requirements of livestock products for sale into the State of Texas : we do have options for you please give us a call:

We love to hear from you about  your Oxy-Gen experience.  Leo and I  have enjoyed shoeing, breeding, training, farm management and competing in local, regional and national performance horse shows for over 40 years. We were introduced to Oxygen Products by my good friend Sharon Roberts and her husband Mike. Leo and I have been using the Oxy-Gen products ever since. We've proudly represented the line at local, regional and national shows for 5 years now.  I look forward to answering any questions you have and hearing about your Oxy-Gen experiences!

If you're comfortable using the internet for ordering, we have a very secure shopping cart service provided by PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to complete your purchase. You can use any credit card. Orders are processed and shipped daily. If I get your order before 12 noon, the product will ship the same day. Some items are shipped from our Louisiana address and others are shipped directly from Oxy-Gen's factory in Morrice Michigan or the distribution center in Princeton, TX  or the distribution center in Fort Pierce, FL. Actual freight charges are added to your order upon shipment. You can save freight by pre-ordering merchandise to be picked up at shows where we exhibit. To check our show schedule use this link.

You can reach us by email at, by telephone at 985-626-9609 personal cell phone or text anytime. Since we are frequently on the road, or out riding and caring for horses on the farm, we may not be immediately available, but be assured, you are important to us. We'll answer your mail, your call or text message as soon as possible.

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